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The Kenyan lifestyle is a vibrant tapestry of work, family and social relationships. But between balancing the demands of work, navigating a busy schedule, and cherishing precious time with loved ones, keeping the house clean can often take a backseat. This is where cleaning services in Kenya come in and provide life changing solutions. This comprehensive guide will help you find cleaning services in Kenya. We’ll explain in detail the different services available, guide you through the process of finding your perfect cleaning partner, and offer tips to ensure a hassle-free and satisfying service.

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The cleaning service industry in Kenya is booming and offers many options to suit your needs and budget. Let’s look at the most common types. Regular cleaning: Forms the backbone of most cleaning service packages. This includes cleaning your home regularly, usually once a week or once every two weeks. 

This often includes vacuuming carpets and rugs, cleaning floors, dusting surfaces, cleaning bathrooms and kitchens (including disinfecting surfaces and equipment), and emptying trash cans. Masu. Thorough cleaning: In some cases, more intensive cleaning is required. 

Deep cleaning services take care of the dirt and dust that accumulates in hard-to-reach areas over time. This includes scrubbing the floor on all fours, cleaning the inside of the oven, wiping the floorboards, and removing cobwebs from high corners. Spring cleaning services are perfect for spring cleaning after hosting a large gathering or when moving into a new location. 

Cleaning Moving/Moving Out: Moving is known to be stressful. Reduce the cleaning burden by using a professional moving/moving cleaning service. This service will brighten up your new or old apartment and make the transition smoother. Typically, the entire space should be thoroughly cleaned, including windows, floors, appliances, cabinets, and even things like light switches and doorknobs.  

Specialized cleaning: Many cleaning services in Kenya offer additional services that focus on specific areas of your home. This includes professional carpet cleaning and upholstery cleaning.   Nairobi, Kenya’s vibrant capital, is a mesmerizing mix of energy, culture and natural beauty. 

But amidst the bustling markets, fascinating museums, and stunning scenery, keeping your home clean often feels like a forgotten melody. This is where Maident Cleaning Services comes into play. A trusted partner to reclaim your time and create a sparkling haven in your Nairobi home.   

This comprehensive guide will introduce you to the excellent cleaning services offered by Maident Cleaning in Nairobi. We researched the variety of services they offer, followed the process of partnering with them to achieve a clean and comfortable home, and provided valuable tips to ensure a unique and satisfying experience.  

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Maident Cleaning Services understands the unique needs of Nairobi residents and offers comprehensive cleaning solutions that meet your specific needs and budget. The breakdown of the main services is as follows.   Regular Cleaning: This is the basis of most Maident Cleaning packages. This includes cleaning your home regularly, usually on a weekly or bi-weekly basis. Our meticulous cleaning staff vacuums carpets, mops floors, dusts surfaces, disinfects bathrooms and kitchens, and empties trash cans. This will make your home always clean and fresh. 

 Thorough cleaning: In some cases, more intensive cleaning is required. Maident Cleaning’s deep cleaning service deals with dirt and dust that accumulates in hard-to-reach areas over time. This might include getting on all fours and mopping the floor, cleaning the inside of the oven, wiping down baseboards, or sweeping cobwebs in high corners. Maident Cleaning’s deep cleaning services are perfect for spring cleaning, after hosting a large gathering, or when moving to a new location.   Cleaning Moving/Moving Out: Moving in Nairobi is known to be stressful. Remove the burden of cleaning with Maidant Cleaning’s specialized cleaning services. These services ensure that your new or old apartment shines and smooths the transition. Usually the whole room should be thoroughly cleaned.

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