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Even if you have a mattress pad on your bed, the mattress still requires cleaning because dust mites, body oils, sweat, dead skin and other residue from pets and children get through to the mattress through the pad. The fabric used on mattresses isn’t always designed to be stain resistant as a mattress is always covered, unlike carpets, rugs or upholstery. Any stains on a mattress may be difficult to remove, but the main reasons for cleaning a mattress are to extract soil and disinfect the material. If the mattress has a warranty, the warranty company may require professional mattress cleaniners. Whether it is dust mite, urine, vomit or blood, we promise to eliminate it all. Your mattress will look and feel clean. It will also smell fresh. Fresh, clean bedding can make you believe that your mattress is just as clean as the sheets and comforter, but that’s not the case. .

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mattress is a serious investment, so you want to make sure it lasts—and that means learning how to clean a mattress. Mattresses can harbor dust mites, dead skin, dirt, and other debris, which means they need to be cleaned regularly—particularly if you suffer from allergies, have pets, or are just an avid midnight snacker.

The good news is that cleaning a mattress is far easier than you might think. Read on to discover the nine simple steps that will help you keep your mattress clean and ready for years of snoozing.

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